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We are a Filipino church located in Dallas and committed to transforming people into biblically equipped followers of Jesus Christ.  Join our Worship Service every Sunday at 8AM & 10:30AM.

We are located at 81 West Lookout Drive, Richardson, TX.


The Biblical Community Church exists to provide a distinctive perspective of life and purpose through the infallible claims of Holy Scriptures. The goal of this equipping seeks the exaltation of the Triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We see our lives as resplendent conduits of God’s Worthy Praise! 

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Our mission seeks to purvey the unique claim of Christ’s Gospel: that is in Jesus Christ alone that Salvation is experienced. It is through this exclusive redemption that the promise of abundant life is made tangible through faith.


Both the statements and the Scripture citations that follow are intended to be selective as well as depictive only of the basic doctrinal convictions of this local church. 


We believe the Bible as the only God-initiated and God-directed written revelation of Himself and His purposes to man. We therefore recognize no additional authority for all matters of faith and practice.


We believe that in the unique person of Jesus Christ, the full essence of deity and perfect humanity are indissolubly united. He intercedes for His people and is preparing for a glorious visible return to earth.


We believe that the Holy Spirit is a Person equal in divine essence with God the Father and God the Son. Among other redemptive functions, the Holy Spirit serves as the guarantee of eternal life (sealing). 


We believe that man is totally unable to save himself or merit favor from God, Therefore, salvation is available wholly by God’s sovereign elective grace, appropriated solely by faith in Christ alone.



We believe that as stated in Genesis, man was created from the dust of the ground and with God’s breath of life, he became a living soul bearing God’s image. Due to the Fall, humans by nature and by choice are blighted by sin and have been spiritually separated from God.


We believe in angels - that innumerable company of sinless personal spirit beings created by, distinct from, and subordinate to God. They stand continually worshipping before God’s presence.


We believe that all who by faith have been united to Christ are priests unto God and inducted by the Spirit into the universal Body of Christ. As exemplified in the New Testament, this spiritual communion finds concrete expression in local churches composed of baptized believers seeking to make disciples of all nations.


We believe in the Christian’s blessed hope that God will consummate his purposes for this age by inaugurating definite movements establishing His Kingdom that lead towards the entrance of the righteous to enter the eternal state of glory with God in heaven.


We believe that civil government is ordained of God to promote the well-being and order of society. The affairs of the church and those of the state should remain distinct and mutually separate.


We find in the Bible that Jesus went back to creation to argue the original intent for marriage, Marriage was intended from the very beginning of creation to be the covenant union of a man and a woman in a permanent and exclusive relationship.

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Meet our staff

Our team has been the core of the church’s leadership. We are here to help you, guide you and really be the servants of God that Jesus has displayed with His leadership during His time on earth.