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Russell Butch Diwa

Senior Pastor

He has been in the frontier of ministry since 1980. Having been trained both from Asia and North America, he has developed a biblical paradigm that cuts through the heart of cultural walls. He shares this joyful outlook with his wife, Manel and daughters Nika (with husband Emeka) and Bianca (with husband Marcus and baby boy Ari).

Robert Gutierrez.png

Robert Gutierrez

Associate Pastor - Christian Maturity

A staunch trinitarian and shameless peddler of the Reformation, he is currently Associate Pastor of Spiritual Maturity and Christian Education. He has been blessed with a wonderful family, consisting of the love of his life, Imelda (Imee) and their miracle son, Josiah. 


Glenn Ramilo.png

Glenn Ramilo

He is currently in charge of bringing in the flock to church membership and care as he dutifully serves the community with a welcoming smile. He is married to Ria, and blessed with sons, Jonathan and Jeremy.

Jun Sopoco.png

Jun Sopoco

He is currently the Chairman of the Board of Elders. He faithfully steers all ministries towards a united stride to pursue excellence in Christ. He is married to Arleen and blessed with wonderful children: Aaron, Myleen, Christian, Sarah, and Tiffany.

Voltaire Pineda.png

Voltaire Pineda

He is deeply involved in teaching and mentoring various groups seeking to lift them up towards maturing Christlikeness. He is married to Lorelei and blessed with daughter Taylor and son Dillon.

David Talaguit.png

David Talaguit

He is presently the Worship and Music specialist while he serves the community as a gifted elementary music teacher. He is single and content with God’s will.


Zion Gasilan.png

Zion Gasilan

Youth Director

He serves as the head for our Youth initiatives seeking the flourishing of the young at heart.


Beth Reodica.png

Beth Reodica

Executive Assistant to the Pastor

Beth is a diligent worker that provides the high standard for diligent competence. She also works at Parkland Hospital to serve the community.

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