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Childrens' Ministry

We seek to provide our children with early biblical anchors in order to prepare them to live a robust Christian Life characterized by faithfulness to God’s relevant Word.


Heights Ministry

The praise and worship ministry seeks to establish the normative expression of what it means to worship God in Spirit and in Truth.

Member Care

Member care exists to ensure the flourishing of the saints through the auspices of body life in the context of a sharing community.


Prayer Team

The Prayer Team seeks to demonstrate the incredible delight and power of prayer as it  becomes an integral part of our community life.

The Grands

The Grands represent the fruitfulness of Christian maturity as it is lived out in the Senior years.

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Women's Ministry

The Women’s Ministry represents the sweet fragrance of true and tangible beauty of character marinated in discipleship for Christ’s acclaim.

Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry seeks to provide a holy culture that seeks to provide the refreshing alternative of young life yielded under Christ’s lordship.

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Young Families

The Young Families ministry exists to provide a strong witness to the power of God’s guidance towards the first years of Family Life.

Want to be part of a ministry?

An integral aspect of growing in Christlikeness follows the blueprint of our Redeemer’s humble servanthood. At BCC, we find deep honor in being able to use our best gifts and talents to expand God’s Kingdom while experiencing ever-increasing joy.

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