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Vic Dela Cruz
Vic Dela Cruz

Associate Pastor – Church Administration

A techie and teacher by profession, Pastor Vic worked in the IT consulting field and education industry (universities and vocational schools) for over two decades after graduating with a Master’s degree in Computer Science/Information Systems. The Lord called him to full-time Christian vocation in 2005 while serving in leadership capacity at the Moody Bible Church in Chicago. In 2015, he graduated with a Master’s degree in Christian Leadership at Dallas Theological Seminary. He is currently pursuing his Doctor of Ministry education.


Pastor Vic loves swimming. As a matter of fact, he passed on this love to his lovely wife, partner, best friend, and staunch supporter, Radha, and two boys, Josh and David. If there’s anything unique about his swimming, it is that he can swim 25 yards freestyle with his right leg above the water like a shark's fin.

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